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About Heartsong Herbs

Heartsong Herbs is a small batch tincture company located in the sweet town of Athens, Georgia. We grow the vast majority of the herbs in our formulas using methods that exceed organic standards. Soil health determines the health and vibrancy of our herbs and so we choose no-till farming practices which make for high quality, potent herbs. What we don’t grow, we source organic or ethically wildcrafted from small farms. Our tinctures are lovingly made using Certified Organic cane alcohol and Certified Organic vegetable glycerine.

We believe that plant medicine has the power to heal not only the physical body, but the spirit as well. In particular, we believe plant medicine has the power to repair the bridge that unites our spirit to the natural world. This belief is what drives us to empower and educate our community to make their own medicine through our seasonal workshops and our spring medicinal herb plant sale. 

Dana Nivens, owner and founder, came to herbalism by way of organic vegetable farming. One by one, the herbs made their way into her fields until the herbs were all there was. The herbs made their way into her heart in much the same way. One herb at a time, she became enthralled by their magic and dove deeper into the world of herbalism. Over many years, Dana's relationship to these plants organically grew into the realized dream of Heartsong Herbs.